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Gift Certificates

To purchase a gift certificate for my online Etsy Store, please click the button below (courtesy by PayPal…safe and secure). 



  • To redeem your gift certificate(s), you MUST HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT (PayPal is FREE to join).
  • There will be two (2) options for gift certificates:
     OPTION #1: Send Gift Certificate by Email….This option will only work if you absolutely know the recipient’s email address associated with their PayPal account. Gift Certificates delivered by email MAY NOT be transferred to a different recipient. A recipient must have a PayPal account and pay using PayPal in order to redeem a Gift Certificate.
    OPTION #2: Print the Gift Certificate and then mail it to Recipient….With this option, DO NOT include an email address.  Printed Gift Certificates ARE TRANSFERABLE if they DO NOT INCLUDE A RECIPIENT EMAIL ADDRESS.
  • For security and verification purposes, you may be required to verify your identity using a credit card.
  • Neither Simply Sparkle Designs nor PayPal are responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.
  • The Gift Certificate is ONLY GOOD FOR MY ONLINE ETSY STORE:
  • Gift Certificate will expire 18 months from date of gift certificate purchase.



  • Add item(s) to Cart
  • Under “How You’ll Pay” section, Select PayPal option
  • Click button “Check Out With PayPal”
  • You’ll be prompted to log into PayPal.
  • Enter the PayPal email address associated with your gift certificate (if you received it by email) or whatever PayPal account you have (for printed gift certificate).
  • Under “Payment Methods” section, look for the line stating: “PayPal gift card, certificate, reward, or other discount  Redeem” and click the word “Redeem” and enter your redemption code located on your gift certificate

Screenshot What to Look for When You Redeem Gift Certificate


  • If your purchase is more than the certificate value, that’s when PayPal would need other means of completing payment.  Adding your credit/debit card helps speed up completing the purchase.



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